The Moors and Christians of Dénia gather support from local associations and the Undef to become a Festival of Autonomous Tourist Interest

The Moors and Christians of Denia are taking steps to realize their desire to be Festival of Autonomous Tourist Interestalthough the pandemic is making them not go as fast as they would like. The federation that brings together the 16 ranks, the Femmicc, has sent letters to all city associationssocial, festive and business, to gather support to achieve their goal. It has also been referred to you to all the groups that make up the National Union of Moors and Christians Festive EntitiesUndef, to ask for your support. This is how he has recognized it Michelangelo FullanaThe former president of Femmicc and current member of the board of directors headed by Jaime Ferrer. This step has been taken after having the support of Undef itself and Dénia Town Council.

For the time being, several national festive associations have attached to the request, as Almansa, Altea, Cocentaina and Elcheand one from Denia, the Brotherhood of Sant Roc. Femmicc hopes that little by little more replies will come from the rest of the letters sent. Although they recognize that it will be necessary to have “patience” because the coronavirus is crippling the activity of these collectives. Fullana did not want to set a deadline for the declaration, but acknowledged that he’d like it to be “in June or July”.

The town councillor of Dénia, Óscar MengualThe addressed Femmicc’s desire with the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Francesc ColomerThe formal application will have to be presented by the Consistory to Turisme Comunitat Valenciana on behalf of the federation. Colomer will transfer you to the mayor who the important thing to get the statement is to present some differentiating fact and have a lot of support of entities and associations.

In view of these words of the regional secretary, the Femmicc has decided to present itself as differentiating features the children’s parade and the landing of the Moros i Cristians, indicated Miguel Ángel Fullana. That is why they have started collect historical material of this emblematic festival that is celebrated every August in Dénia.

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