The payment to suppliers in the Community is 37 days late, three more than the average

The Comunitat Valenciana pays its suppliers in 37.42 days on average at the end of April, for over the national count of 34.18 dayswhich positions it as the fourth longest autonomy after Catalonia (48.2), Murcia (46.05), La Rioja (45.2) and the Balearic Islands (40.44).

According to the data published this Monday by the Ministry of Finance, the Average Period of Payment to Suppliers (PMP) of all the Autonomous Communities is at the end of April in an average of 34.18 days, 0.8 less than in March.

In the Community, the ratio of paid operations is an average of 33.2 days compared to the national ratio of 27.91 and outstanding at 41.82less than one point below the total of 42.2.

Between the big cities, Valencia takes an average of 23.42 days, also the fifth longest behind Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (146,68), Zaragoza (34,97), Seville (32,14) y A Coruña (29,36).

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