Torrent hires 69 people in the last quarter of the year

The Torrent City Council, continuing with its commitment to promote and offer employment to vulnerable groups, will implement the following programmes EMPUJU, EMCORP and ECOVIDin the last months of 2020. “Now more than ever we have to bet on employment policies and on giving opportunities to our young people and to those people who have been most affected by the Covid-19 crisis at work,” says AndrĂ©s Campos, Councillor for Strategy, Innovation and the Economy. “Thanks to Labora’s programmes and Idea’t’s collaboration, nearly 70 residents of Torrent will be able to get a job in their Town Hall”, he adds.

“This will involve more than one million euros in recruitmentThis is one more measure in our commitment to Torrentine society to alleviate the effects of the crisis and to continue with the fulfilment of one of the lines of action set out in the 2020 Municipal Action Plan to combat the Covid-19, which was to promote employment,” he explains.


On the one hand, the EMCORP 243,720, of which 225,251 is a grant from Labora. Through it, 14 workers have already joinedThree clerks, four painters, one construction worker, two social workers, one integrator, one painting officer and two construction workers.

On the other hand, the EMPUJU is aimed at young people under 30 years of age and it is expected that they will join nine at the end of December with a one-year contract. The budget for the programme is 290,907 euros. To these will be added the 16 of the programEMCUJU 2019, which at the end of October had their contract extended until the end of April.

Finally, the new ECOVID programme 527,326, practically 100% subsidized by Labora. The beneficiaries are people over 30 years of age, preferably those who are unemployed as a result of the economic crisis resulting from the health crisis.

In this case it’s about 30 people that will be incorporated into the council to develop tasks to prevent, contain, palliate or mitigate the situation derived from the health crisis, such as: information and awareness of the population, attention to people at risk of social exclusion, disinfection of spaces, promotion of the use of telematic means or access control.

The contract, in this case, will be for six months and they will also be incorporated at the end of December; a journalist, an audiovisual communication professional, three operators for the food point, four social workers, five technicians in social integration, six administrative workers, six disinfection operators and four janitors.

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